School Cleaning in Rossendale

school cleaning rossendaleWe provide school cleaning in Rossendale, museum cleaning services and learning centre cleaning services, and are aware of the challenges organisations face with the upkeep of their sites. After all, we’ve been in operation for over 10 years helping our clients provide a clean, safe environment to their pupils, staff and guests.

Throughout Lancashire our workforce are well placed to both perform the day-to-day responsibilities that keep schools & learning centres running safely & properly during term times and undertake professional routine cleaning essential to prolong the life & productivity of the property throughout school holidays. Conversely, for museums and similar institutions such specialist cleaning can be carried out during quieter times or outside of opening hours.

Highest Standard School Cleaning in Rossendale

High standards are key to operational & educational success. We take pride in achieving operational efficiencies to give tangible business benefits for our clients. We offer a transparent, cost-effective, dependable and personal quality service which is tailor-made to fit the needs of your organisation & the flexibility to conform when those needs change.

We ensure that your premises are always fit for purpose and provide a solution to guarantee the sanitation of your site is fully managed to observe your requirements, which includes:

  • Training, induction & human resources management of staff
  • TUPE transfer of existing staff
  • Health & Safety management
  • Supply & storage of cleaning materials
  • Quality control analysis
  • Full supervision of workforce
  • Holiday & sickness cover
  • Enhanced CRB vetting of employees



school cleaning in rossendale
school cleaning in rossendale

cleaner in rossendale


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